Best Places to Visit in Ibiza

One of the most famous, scenic and popular of the Balearic Islands is Ibiza.

Although the island’s size is relatively small, it is packed with attractions and things to do.
Ibiza is widely known for its unparalleled nightlife, but there is also plenty to experience during the day. From the history of Ibiza Town to the sandy beaches of Cala Llenya, Ibiza is an island that is well worth a visit.


Ibiza Town

The port city known as Ibiza Town is the largest and pretiest destination on the island. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza Town boasts a walled fortress as well as cobblestone streets. Locals call the city Eivissa. Ibiza Town is divided into sections: Dalt Vila and Eixample. Perched above the water, Dalt Vila, or Old Town, is the historic area filled with world-class restaurants and a great selection of bars. Below, you’ll find Eixample, or Extension, where most of the newer buildings can be found. While visiting, be sure to check out the Cathedral called Our Lady of the Snows, which offers perhaps the best views in the entire town.


Es Canar

Es Canar is a beach resort on the eastern side of the island. It is best known for its hippy market, but it has far more than just that to offer. Es Canar is made up of pine forests as well as sandy shorelines, which means great contrast and exceptional scenery. It’s also a dream destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, because there are unlimited opportunities for things like windsurfing and parasailing. Of course, you won’t want to miss the famed hippy market. Held every Wednesday, the market is a great place to buy local crafts and all kinds of souvenirs.



On the northernmost coast of the island is Portinatx, a resort with three spectacular beaches. The largest is the sandy S’Arenal Gros, and the other two more private, less crowded options are S’Arenal Petit and Playa Porto. All three boast lifeguards, vendors and sunbeds. While you can just kick back and relax on the beach, Portinatx is very popular with snorkelers and divers thanks to its clear waters. It is a great family spot, and it is the ideal place to begin longer coastal walks. Best of all, most hotels in the area are within a short walk of at least one of the three main beaches.


Es Vedra

One of the most intriguing destinations in Ibiza is the island of Es Vedra. Located just off the coast of Cala d’Hort on the western coast, Es Vedra is completely uninhabited. However, it is steeped in mystery and lore. Legends tie Es Vedra to Tanit, the Phoenician lunar goddess. The island was also the spot where the infamous sirens tried to lure Odysseus from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey. It is said that Es Vedra is incredibly magnetic, behind only the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle. Cruises take you to see Es Vedra up close, plus they offer amazing views of the surrounding landscape.


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