Ibiza Clubbing Guide

First time clubbing on the island? Here's all the info you need on Ibiza's nightlife scene, including clubs, parties, boat parties, tickets, bars top tips.

For such a tiny island, there's loads of stuff going on in Ibiza, and if you don't have someone to walk you through the basics, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Here, we've put together some simple advice guides on the clubbing scene for those of you popping your Ibiza Cherry for the first time; the aim being to give you a bit of basic knowledge to help you get the most out of your holiday.

A typical day might be spent chilling on one of our amazing beaches or partying with your friends on one of the many boat parties. Followed by watching the sunset and then a bite to eat. Then moving on into town for some drinks, mingling and maybe a bit of a dance. From there the legendary Ibiza clubs are calling you for a big night with your favourite DJs...


The clubs

These are the major clubs on the island of Ibiza:


Amnesia, Ibiza

Home to the two most iconic clubbing spaces on Ibiza

Arguably the most quintessential of Ibiza clubbing experiences, Amnesia has long been the backdrop for some of the island's most unforgettable clubbing moments. Two massive rooms - one a dark, cavernous cauldron, the other an expansive arena that is flooded with light when the sun rises - are guarded by the notorious Amnesia ice cannons that could strike at any time.

Very eclectic in its programming, Amnesia covers the best of techno, house, trance, dubstep and even some live shows. Like all the super clubs, Amnesia's main dancefloors can get extremely busy and are famed for incredible communal moments with every hand in the air. The upper levels of Amnesia are VIP, providing an amazing view of the revelry below.

Famous for: Open-air clubbing in the 80s, DJ Alfredo's eclectic mix of house, disco and pop back in the day, sunrise on the terrace, the most epic opening and closing parties.

Popular Parties: Cream, Music On.

How to get there: €10-15 in a taxi from San Antonio or Ibiza Town, around €20 from Playa d'en Bossa. Disco buses run all night direct from Ibiza and Playa d'en Bossa to San Antonio and vice versa. There are also special free buses for ticketholders provided by the club or promoter, from locations in Playa D'en Bossa, Ibiza Port and San Antonio.

Prices: Expect to pay from €40 to €60 for most parties, depending on the month. Spirit and mixers cost around €15 or more and a beer €13. Water is €9. The bars upstairs are more expensive.

Tip: Visit Cova Santa Restaurant which is part of the Amnesia group for one of the most enjoyable and exclusive dining experiences on the island. Truly excellent food and entertainment that can star genuine Spanish pop stars or ringside seats at the legendary Cocoon and Music On after parties which are sometimes held at the venue.


Benimussa Park, Ibiza

The Zoo that never was

Home to the world-famous Zoo Project parties, Benimussa Park is unique on the island. The lifelong memories of many clubbers are made here. Essentially, if al fresco partying, fancy dress and quality electronic music is your bag, you will love this. That'll be all of us, then.

A young, British crowd tends to make up the bulk of the Zoo parties, although don't expect the music to play it safe. Bookers here are known for providing their audiences with leftfield, quality underground house and techno - in 2016, Ricardo Villalobos and Stacey Pullen both appeared while in 2017 we had tINI and Apollonia.

Furthermore, Benimussa Park has diversified in recent seasons, and now offers a brilliant hippie healing pit with meditation circles, massages, capoeira, fire dancers, break dancers and all sorts of energetic cultural endeavours.

Trance festival Connect also rolls in twice a year, providing a different sound up in the hills. Plus in peak season Holi Festival rolls into the hills to paint Benimussa with rainbow powder. Starting in 2017, you can get your dose of animal magic twice a week, as Zoo Project took place both Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout the summer months.

Famous for: Animal bodypaint and fancy dress, underground artists, briliant outdoor stage designs and decorations

Popular Parties: Zoo Project, Holi Festival

How to get there: €7 taxi from San Antonio or there is a bus service running until just after the party finishes.

Prices: Zoo Project parties cost in the region of €30-40.


Bora Bora Beach Club, Ibiza

Party on the beach!

Bora Bora is the incarnation of beach partying. Here suntanned bodies dance to electronic dance music's summer hits on the tables, in the sand, with a drink in their hands and the other waving to the low-flying planes overhead.

Named after arguably one of the most beautiful island locations in the world near Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean, this is the definitive beach bar in Playa d'en Bossa, as it is a venue that has mastered the fine balance between club, bar and beach. Of course, Bora Bora is not new; it's actually one of those places that have been around long before Playa d'en Bossa became the destination it is today.

Every day of the week has proper parties going on. Bora Bora has stepped up its game by inviting more and more big-name guest DJs coming to play the venue. Aside from resident DJs, expect occasional surprise visits by major international DJs.

You can expect cool, underground vibes to be played out of the impressive VOID sound system (the same one you would find in the DC10 terrace). In 2017, residents David Oleart, Javi Muñoz, Taao Kross, John Jacobsen and Rick Maia played every week until late at night. The party always moves inside at midnight on the dot.

A new area was born in summer 2017. With the Bora Bora apartments refurbishment, pool parties have been added to the beach parties. Now known as El Patio, they host parties the likes of Music On after parties and other surprises.

For the definitive clubbing holiday, stay directly in the Bora Bora Apartments, which Bora Bora is part of, or have a look at other Hotels in Playa den Bossa. Drink prices are affordable and the atmosphere is pretty relaxed with people allowed to dance pretty much wherever they choose. There is also a more chilled side to Bora Bora, with food available in the large beach-front seating, and sports available to watch on the big TVs.

Prices: Totally free entrance all day and all night. Drinks, however, can get pricey, especially after 18:00. Expect to pay standard club prices: €7 to 8 for a beer and €8 to 12 for long drinks.


Cova Santa, Ibiza

Fine dining and occasional raving

Cova Santa is set in the beautiful Ibiza countryside and built around an ancient cave. Discovered in the 15th century and opened to the public in 1957, it became one of the main tourist attractions of Ibiza in the early nineties, having grown into a vast and beautiful event location with a world-class restaurant, flamenco dancing shows and after-dinner dancing.

The Amnesia group purchased the venue in 2001 and in 2013, Marco Carola threw a few of his legendary Music On after parties at there, successfully catapulting the venue to renewed prominence.

These days, Cova Santa is home to a renowned high-class restaurant, so the vibe is largely much more chilled. But it is worth keeping your eyes peeled for music and clubbing events because, throughout summer, there are still some dotted that are well worth a look.

Famous for: Music On afterparties, WooMooN.

Popular parties: WooMoon, Music On afters, HYTE afters, Rhythm & Waves.

How to get there: best reachable by taxi: around €25 from Ibiza Town, €20 from Playa d'en Bossa, €20-25 from San Antonio.

Prices: Expect to pay €20-30 for entry to parties.


DC-10, Ibiza

Ibiza's most notorious clubbing venue

Now famous for being famous, as much as anything else, DC-10 has reached its elevated position thanks to offering a unique experience in Ibiza's clubbing environment. When it first opened in 1999, and still typically now, it was a no-holds-barred, hedonistic, dance your socks off fiesta that was totally off the radar.

In contrast to the rest of the clubs, it still does little or no publicity for its parties, meaning those who go are in the know and there for one reason: the music. DC-10's longevity and success are ultimately thanks to its devotion to providing solid, quality underground electronic music. You have not had a true Ibiza experience until you have danced away the afternoon in the venue's famous garden.

Famous for: Being the island's only true underground club, legendary opening and closing parties, launching the careers of some of the island's biggest DJs, general silly fun and games, being located at the end of a runway.

Popular Parties: Circoloco, Paradise

How to get there: About €10 in a taxi from Ibiza Town or Playa D'en Bossa, €30 from San Antonio. The bus to Salinas beach stops just past the club. It is also possible to walk from San Jordi (about 15-20 minutes).

Prices: DC-10 is cheap (relatively speaking). Expect to pay around €50 for Circoloco and Paradise. Other parties could be cheaper. A beer or water will cost you €5-10 and a mixer around €15.


Destino, Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza's clifftop resort and al fresco clubbing venue

Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort is the latest addition to the Pacha group. Opened in 2013, Destino is an amazing property located on the cliffs of Cap Martinet above the resort of Talamanca, with breathtaking views over Ibiza Town and towards Formentera.

Every now and then, the venue is also used for big open-air parties that normally start about 17:00 and run until midnight. In previous years, these gigs have included appearances from the likes of Solomun, Sven Väth and Luciano.

The venue also has its own nightclub, TOX, which is hidden in the basement of the building. The outdoor madness continues here once darkness has fallen and promoters have begun to make use of the diminutive club's intimate space to showcase their own parties. Occasionally, you'll also hear rumours about a cheeky after-hours kicking off, too...

Famous for: one-off outdoor parties, some of the best views you can get over the Ibiza Town area and the legendary Cocoon afterparty held at the end of the 2013 season

Popular parties: Solomun +Live

How to get there: €15 taxi from Ibiza Town. For big events, Destino runs free round-trip buses from various points of the island.


Es Paradis, Ibiza

Beautiful club on the San Antonio waterfront

Most beautiful club on the island? Quite possibly, and as the name suggests, it certainly has a paradise feel to it. A labyrinth cum secret garden that oozes glam, Es Paradis has been around since the mid '70s and is one of the original charms of Ibiza's nightlife.

A rite of passage for most people who visit the island, Es Paradis excels in dazzling Ibiza Virgins, and their infamous water party (Fiesta Del Agua) is the ultimate holiday clubbing experience.

Famous for: Water Parties, spectacular décor and design, pyramid roof, one of Ibiza's oldest clubs

Popular Parties: Fiesta Del Agua, Glow Neon Paint Party

How to get there: Located in the centre of San Antonio, it is easy reachable by any bus that goes to San An. Taxis cost about 20-25€ from Ibiza or Playa D'en Bossa and about 10€ from further parts of San Antonio Bay.

Prices: Expect to pay around 25-40€. A beer should cost around 7€, vodka limon 10€. Reduced price flyers and occasional free entry tickets are available from bars around San Antonio, so keep your eyes peeled.

Quick tip: Don't try and get into the Fiesta del Agua (Water Party) with swimming shorts or trunks as you probably won't get in. Wear them underneath your usual threads!


Eden, Ibiza

One of San Antonio's two superclubs