Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How long will it take to get there?
Answer: Flight times will vary from different European airports but generally speaking it takes between 2.5 and 5.5 hrs, depending on what part of Europe you are flying.

Q: What currency do I need?
A: The Euro (€) is the unit of currency on all Spanish Islands.

Q: Do all your houses have Wi-Fi?
A: Almost all of our rentals provide a stable Wi-Fi connection. In some regions its still not possible to get A-DSL. In that case we offer a mobile-Wi-Fi router with 2GB in HDSP+/LTE speed quality. The volume of 2GB can be recharged for 20 €/2GB. We destinguish between WLAN an Wi-Fi. WLAN means A-DSL. “Wi-Fi” means a mobile based rechargeble connection.

Q: Do infants count toward the maximum occupancy?
A: Generally, children under the age of 2 do not count toward the maximum occupancy.

Q: Does the home come with linens and towels, or do I need to bring my own?
A: The home will be equipped with all the basic necessities. All the beds will be made with fresh linens and bath towels will be provided. If you would like beach towels, we recommend bringing those with you.

Q: Can I bring my pet along?
A: Pets are allowed in some of our homes. Prior to bringing your pet, you must check with us and pay the required pet fee.

Q: Can I bring more people than the maximum allowed listed?
A: Maximum occupancy does not only refer to the number a home can sleep, this is also the number of people allowed in the home at any given time. It is determined by the licensing authority based on the number of exits in the home and fire safety evacuation plan.

Q: Do you allow weddings in your homes?
A: Some of our homes do allow weddings with the owner's approval. Depending on the home, there may be additional fees, parking restrictions and guest count maximums.

Q: How can I modify my reservation, and are there any fees associated with that?
A: Please get in touch with us to help you modify your reservation. There could be additional fees depending on the change occurring, but we will walk you through everything before finalizing it.

Q: How do I go about booking a vacation as a gift for a friend?
A: You can book and pay for a reservation for another person. However, you must ensure that the name and all contact information listed on the reservation, including the email address, are for the person that will be staying in the home.

Q: What is the difference between a hotel and a vacation rental?
A: All of our vacation rentals are owned by private home-owners and can be preferable to hotels for a number of reasons. They are typically more comfortable, offer kitchens for preparing meals and are more accommodating to those traveling with children and/or pets. Vacation rentals also offer a wider variety of accommodations which enables them to fit any vacation need, be that a large home for up to 20 people or a cozy apartment for a couple.

Q: How do I obtain the keys?
A: We will e-mail check-in instructions 7 days prior to your stay including driving directions and the code to the lock box or electronic deadbolt.

Q: The lockbox only has one set of keys. Can we get another set?
A: We prefer the keys stay in the lockbox so that each member of your party can access the home at any time. This will eliminate the need for multiple key sets. It also prevents the keys from getting lost.

Q: There are two lockboxes here. Am I using the right one?
A: The lockbox closest to the door or on top is usually the guest lockbox. The other one is for our cleaning and maintenance staff. Occasionally the plates get swapped. If you are having trouble getting in using the code, try it on the other lockbox.

Q: We can't find any paper towels or dishwashing detergent. Can you bring us some?
A: Please check in all cabinets (under the sink, above the refrigerator) and if you cannot find what you are looking for, we will gladly reimburse you for picking some up. The same goes for the following items: shampoo, conditioner, soap, paper towels, coffee filters, carpet spot cleaner, toilet paper, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher pacs/pods, dish brush, kitchen trash bags, small trash can liners, and propane for the grill.


Q: I am allergic to pet dander and other smells, but I want to stay in a pet friendly home. Is there any way to ensure that I won't be bothered by them for my stay?
A: All our homes are thoroughly cleaned after each stay. However, we are unable to guarantee that you will not have a reaction to a home that has been regularly occupied by pets.

Q: What is your lost and found policy?
A: We will return your lost item to you if you call us within two weeks of your departure date. We do charge a €25 fee, plus shipping to cover the cost of labor, drive time, and postal fees. Any items not claimed within four weeks will be donated to a local charity.

Q: What are the Smoking Rules and Laws in Spain?
A: The legal age for buying tobacco products is 16. Smoking is allowed most places still, just look out for signs.

Q: What are the Drinking Rules and Laws in Spain?
A: The legal limit for buying alcohol in shops, bars or clubs is 18. There is some leniency towards under 18's drinking in restaurants with supervision. Spain's drinking laws are similar to the other European countries - if you're seen to be 'drunk and disorderly' you can be arrested and likely fined.
Drinking on the street is technically illegal (Taking your own drink into clubs is probably not worth the risk of being caught!)

Q: What are the Driving Rules and Laws in Spain?
A: If you're hiring a car when in on an Island we recommend being extremely careful. Generally the roads aren't as hectic as mainland Spain but the standard of driving is frankly poor (taxi drivers and other tourists are typically the worst culprits). Most of the police are fine these days but many don't speak great English and they'll have you over a barrel if you're stopped and will fine you at their discretion. Don't put yourself in unnecessary bother and danger.
Drink and Driving - Don't do it at all. The Spanish drunk driving limit is lower than other European countries at 0.5 mg (i.e. 0.8 in the UK,) which effectively means you can have about a small beer and drive legally, but for 1 beer is it really worth it?!).
Seat belts are obligatory front and back. If caught you'll likely be fined.
Speed limits should be marked on the main roads. Motorways have a max 120km/h, 90-100km/h on open roads and usually 50km/h in the town but watch out for signs. Again you will be pulled over if caught speeding and fined.

Q: What are the Drug Laws in Spain?
A: Like we say at the top we definitely don't condone drug use but many tourists choose to use drugs while on holiday. The Spanish authorities are definitely not as lenient on this as they perhaps once were so you have been warned. If caught with drugs you will be arrested, questioned and most likely heavily fined.
Possession of restricted drugs is not criminal under Spanish law - the law only governs the 'manufacture, trafficking, cultivation or incitement of use'
However there is a well known thin line between what is deemed 'personal use' and 'trafficking' so if you absolutely must carry drugs the best advice is to carry only a very small quantity and don't carry them for anyone else. Do not buy or hand out drugs in clubs (especially on dance floors) and do not buy from the African blokes on the beach front.

Obviously don't take drugs and drive. Random road side sobriety tests check for drink and drugs.